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CutMaster V 500 L

A CutMaster V 500 L with a capacity of 500 liters is offered. It is a new machine. Due to its technical equipment, this cutter is ideally suited for chopping meat and cuts the ingredients to the right size for your needs.



CutMaster V 500 L

The CutMaster V 500 L is a cutter in new condition. The machine has a knife shaft drive system with infinitely variable speed control. The GEA “CutControl” control system and the TopCut cutterhead system ensure proper functionality. The feed for 200 liter meat carts is mounted on the left side and is operated hydraulically. The ejector is in the step design, mounted on the right side and is also hydraulically operated.

Additional Information:

  • Flexibility for all product types.
  • 10% shorter processing time.
  • 10% higher degree of filling.
  • 40% faster drain time.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Simple and safe handling.

Technical details:

  • Knife shaft drive system; with infinitely variable speed control
  • GEA control system “CutControl”
  • TopCut cutter head system
  • Loading for 200 liter meat trolley according to DIN; mounted on the left side, hydraulically operated
  • Ejector – Step design, right side mounted, hydraulically operated
  • Emptying chute
  • Stainless steel bowl with raised bowl rim, bowl storage using
  • Tapered roller and ball bearings
  • Bowl drive, stepless
  • Automatic knife shaft lubrication
  • High-strength knife shaft made of stainless steel, storage using roller and ball bearings,
  • patented sealing system with shaft sealing ring
  • Non-wearing blade shaft brake
  • Knife cover, solid, rust-free with variable cutting space by means of a baffle,
  • hydraulically operated
  • Solid machine housing, design for the greatest possible noise reduction,
  • Surface stainless steel
  • Noise protection cover made of stainless steel, hydraulically operated
  • Electrical control system integrated in the machine body
  • Main and safety switch including emergency stop

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Additional information


CutMaster V 500




173 kW


60 – 3600 U/Min.


4 kW, 4-14 U/Min.


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