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Seydelmann Wolf/Grinder AU 200U AC 6

A Seydelmann Wolf/Grinder AU 200U AC 6 with the year of construction 2017 is offered. The machine is fully functional and is in good condition. Due to its technical equipment, this universal grinder is ideally suited for mincing meat and cuts the ingredients to the right size for your needs.


Seydelmann Wolf/Grinder AU 200U AC 6

Application Particularly suitable for comminuting fresh meat, pre-comminuted frozen meat, blocks of frozen meat, rinds, cooked meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and other food products from -25 to 85 °C.

System Thanks to its feeder auger with breaking contour and peeling edge, the universal mincer can also mince whole blocks of frozen meat in addition to fresh or cooked meat.

The specially adapted cutting set and the working worm do not have to be replaced. The right-angled arrangement of the working and feeder augers offers maximum efficiency. Thanks to the 6 preset speeds of the AC-6 drive, any material can be ideally processed and the best possible cutting pattern can be guaranteed.

Both drives (feeder and working screw) are frequency-controlled. The feeder auger regulates the speed depending on the load of the working auger.

Additional Information:

Machine: Seydelmann Wolf/Grinder AU 200U AC 6

Year of construction: 2017

Condition: working

Technical Details:

  • Shredding of fresh meat, pre-shredded frozen meat, rinds, fish, vegetables and other foods down to -25 °C
  • Control cabinet (1.4301) external
  • Completely closed stainless steel housing
  • Loading device integrated into the machine
  • Perforated disc diameter 200mm
  • Power 100kW
  • Hopper capacity 570 liters
  • Hourly output 6000-16000 kg
  • Operator steps can be folded out
  • Spill glove protection

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