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GEA Cutmaster V325 GEN3 AC-Technik -New Machine-New Modell-



GEA Cutmaster V 500 GEN 3

New model

New model series


The latest generation of the Cutmaster series from GEA ( former Krämer+Grebe – CFS ).

The biggest innovation of the GEN3 model is the design of the cutter shaft drive with a stepless AC motor.

The complete electrical control of the cutter is still integrated in the machine body.

Further innovations are the generously added maintenance openings, which contribute above all to the simple and fast repair as well as maintenance work of the cutter.


Additional information can be found in the description of the tender and in the attached brochures.


If you are interested, please contact us, we will make you an offer without obligation.


Would you like to sell a cutter from your stock ?

Also a redemption of equipment/cutter from your stock by means of a trade-in is possible.


-available from stock-



GEA CutMaster
The reference in all cutter processes
With more than 80 years of experience and the synergies of a worldwide
company, the GEA CutMaster sets new standards in the food industry.
sets new standards in the food industry.


The GEA CutMaster as a universal machine for the production of
of all types of sausage products, cuts, mixes and
emulsifies cooked sausages with the highest degrees of fineness
as well as raw sausages with coarse structures. These universally
machines are also used in the production of poultry
of poultry, fish, or vegetarian products, as well as in the
confectionery, cheese and many other products of the food industry.
products of the food industry. The extremely
versatile machines can also be optionally equipped with cooking and
cooling equipment as an option.
Extreme flexibility thanks to infinitely variable drives
and the highest degree of fineness thanks to extremely high
cutting speeds of more than 160 m/s

– Flexibility for the production of a wide range of different
– High productivity, reliability and excellent
product qualities
– Excellent product quality
– Vacuum design: Minimum air entrapment, denser products, longer
products, longer shelf life

Advantages of the GEA CMV GEN3
– Perfect hygienic design
– Smaller footprint due to integrated AC technology
– Compact design and extremely user-friendly
– Excellent product qualities
– Shorter processing times
– Ergonomic design with improved accessibility

Other features

– Highest fineness
– Variable cutting chamber
– With CutControl control concept
– Flow-optimized cutting chamber
– GEA TopCut knife system for extremely fast knife changes
knife change
– Safe and fast cleaning due to optimized
hygienic design
– Generous, easily accessible maintenance openings




Technical Data


GEA Cutmaster V325GEN3

Drive technology in AC design, cutter motor with 138 kW

Cutting speed:144m/s

Knife speed :4100 RPM

Mixing speed :60-500RPM



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